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The Relationship Between Sleep Disorders And Medical Cannabis Treatment

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If you’re one of the unlucky who struggles to get quality shut-eye due to stress, anxiety, chronic pain or other illness-related comorbidities, medical cannabis treatment may be a solution for you. Many patients who suffer from a sleep disorder have successfully restored their natural sleep cycle through the use of medical marijuana, and its community refers to it as an effective treatment with little to no side effects.

Simply put, marijuana is an effective sleep aid because it restores the natural sleeping pattern, which often falls into chaos due to busy lifestyles and overwhelming stress levels. So, whether you’re battling a sleeping disorder or simply can’t keep your eyes closed after a long and stressful day, cannabis might be the perfect solution for you. The analgesic properties of marijuana might provide relief for those who suffer from chronic pain, while the anti-anxiety properties can soothe a strung-out mind and body.

Here at CannIHelp, we go above and beyond to ensure our patients find relief from the pain and discomfort that plagues their everyday lives, so visit us today to discuss if medical cannabis treatment is an option for you.

Medical Marijuana And A Restful Nights Sleep.

The two most common compounds used in medicinal marijuana are CBD and THC. Both strains work cohesively to improve sleep quality, although the dosage may differ from person to person depending on individual weight, height, metabolism rate, and the quality of the product. Overall, your cannabis doctor will asses the characteristics of your sleeping disorder and create a treatment plan optimised for an improved night’s rest.

However, ingesting strains with higher levels of THC may reduce REM sleep, which means less dreaming. In addition, it could mean fewer nightmares for those who have post-traumatic stress disorder. But, REM sleep is an important part of the sleep cycle, responsible for cell regeneration and improved cognitive function, so be sure to discuss the length of treatment with your cannabis doctor.

Since medical marijuana helps patients spend long periods of time in a deep sleep state, it is best to use it right before bedtime. You can choose which method of ingestion you prefer, be it smoking, vaping, eating or using drops under the tongue. It could take some time to figure out the right dosage, so be patient and avoid using the product during a workday or just after you wake up.

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