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We provide a helping hand for people wanting further information about cannabinoid medication and also medical professionals who are looking for guidance through the prescribing process.

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Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis has been used as a traditional therapy for thousands of years. It was considered to be a part of mainstream medicine in the 19th century, but it’s usage as a medicine declined during the 20th century as cannabis was made illegal across most of the world.

During the last 2-3 decades science had made considerable progress in understanding the endocannabinoid system – the system in our bodies which uses our own naturally produced cannabinoid substances to control a wide variety of cellular processes. Recent research has also focussed how phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant) can be used in the treatment of numerous conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and sleep disorders.

Although cannabis has shown some potential as a therapy in many of these areas, at present, there is insufficient scientific evidence for cannabis to be formally licenced as a therapy. Hence, it is regarded as an experimental medicinal product, and all cannabis prescriptions need to be approved by the regulator agency.

The National Prescribing Service (NPS) produces a concise and informative guide to medicinal cannabis for consumers which is worth looking through. It outlines the conditions commonly treated with medicinal cannabis, the scientific evidence, dosing and side effects and explains the difference between medicinal cannabis and marijuana.






Anxiety and Depression


MS and Spasticity




Chronic pain


Cancer Symptom Management


Sleep disorders



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Book your FREE eligibility assessment


Pre-GP consultation session

GP Consultation $150

TGA Approval confirmation/Scripts Issued

Medication shipped directly

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Compassionate Access Program