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Healthcare Professionals

More and more patients are approaching their GPs wishing to access medicinal cannabis products and in some cases are leaving their regular GP to attend a cannabis specific clinic.

There are numerous GPs around Australia that may be interested in prescribing cannabinoid medication but may not feel they have the knowledge or support to prescribe these.

Cann I Help offers a support network for GPs and facilitating a continuity of care by working alongside a GP to provide a holistic approach to a patient’s health plan.

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Advice from experienced prescribing doctors
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Medicinal cannabis prescribing

Support around TGA pathways and prescribing
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Training and education

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Patient Referrals

If you would prefer to refer a patient to a Cann I Help clinic:

  • Email – info@cannihelp.com.au or Fax – (07) 3707 3666
  • Please send a brief letter and medication summary
Patient self-referral through www.cannihelp.com.au

Please provide your patient with a medical summary print out which they can upload through our self-referral form

Joining Our Team

We are always looking for dedicated and caring GPs with an interest in learning more about cannabis medicine to join our network. We offer opportunities to work from your own clinic, or from home conducting telehealth consultations, flexible working hours and competitive earning potential.

Please contact Dr. Laurence Kemp (Head of Medical – l.kemp@cannihelp.com.au) to discuss further.”

Joining our team
Pexels Chokniti Khongchum

Introduction to Medical Cannabis

8th September at 7.30pm – 08/09/2021, 7:30 PM – 08/09/2021, 8:30 PM
Time zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time

Topics Covered Include

1). Historical background to cannabis as a medicine
2). Overview of medicinal cannabis use in Australia
3). Introduction to pharmacology of cannabinoids
4). Clinical Indications and product choice
5). Practicalities of prescribing in Australia
6). Support available and resources