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How To Get A Prescription For Medical Cannabis in Australia

We provide a helping hand for people wanting further information about cannabinoid medication and also medical professionals who are looking for guidance through the prescribing process.

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The medical effects of the cannabis plant species as a complementary medicine are still being discovered. Therefore, a qualified doctor can lawfully prescribe medical cannabis in Australia. However, according to TGA criteria, these doctors must file for Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approvals with each patient’s unique usage of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis has been proven to offer potential in treating illnesses and symptoms related to chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, childhood epilepsy, and various autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders in Australian medical cannabis trials and research worldwide. The TGA Special Access Scheme has authorised some of these requirements. However, adverse effects can occur with any medicine, and they vary from patient to patient. You can talk to your doctor about obtaining a prescription for medical cannabis in Australia.

Doctors Who Can Prescribe Cannabis For Medicinal Purposes

If a certified medical practitioner in Australia believes medicinal cannabis is clinically suitable and has received the proper Commonwealth authorisation, they can prescribe it to any patient with any disease. THC’s safety profile is still being researched. When dosed adequately for individual medicinal cannabis patients, it is a relatively safe chemical. On the other hand, THC-containing medicines may have undesired side effects in some people with certain diseases or prescriptions and should always be treated under the guidance of a competent medical expert. There are also some contraindications, in which prescribing doctors may select for other medicinal cannabis clinic treatment choices, emphasising the need for medical cannabis management.

Department of Health, Commonwealth of Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Office of Drug Control, both part of the Commonwealth Department of Health, regulate medicinal cannabis products (ODC). The TGA runs the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), which requires a certified practitioner to enter drugs imported into, provided in, and exported from Australia. There are, however, systems in place for getting access to drugs that aren’t included on the ARTG.

In Australia, Medical Cannabis is Legal

In Australia, medical marijuana is legal. Sources of cannabis not prescribed by a medical expert, on the other hand, remain unlawful. CBD cannabis oil contains THC, a psychoactive molecule, categorised as a Schedule 8 prohibited narcotic, whereas CBD hemp oil, the other commonly recognised compound in cannabis, is classified as a Schedule 4 drug with no psychoactivity. Without a prescription, it is illegal to possess these chemicals in any form.

Anyone considering obtaining a prescription for medical cannabis in Australia should consult their General Practioner. Then, check out our resources page for additional information.