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Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help

At Cann I Help we are passionate about putting our patients first and are dedicated to making alternative plant-based medicine accessible, affordable, and convenient.  

The groundbreaking Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help makes getting the help you need as painless and as seamless as possible. Patients can now undergo a nurse assessment, consult with a GP, and have a script issued on the same day.

Bookings for the Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help are available:

Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm (AEST).

If you need to make a regular booking outside of these hours you can access the booking form here.

Here’s how the Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help works:  

  • Prospective patients complete the Rapid Access Program form.
  • They will be contacted shortly thereafter by a member of the Cann I Help team.
  • The patient will be consulted by one of our nursing team and then consulted by one of our doctors as soon as possible.
  • The patient’s prescription will be ready within hours of them initially contacting Cann I Help.
  • Prescriptions will be dispensed by the Cann I Help Dispensary.   

Simply complete the form and discover the difference plant-based medicine can make in your life today. 

Find Quality With A Medical Marijuana Prescription In Australia by Cann I Help

There is a lot of controversy around the use of marijuana, and many countries are still against it in many ways. But, of course, there are correct and incorrect methods of using marijuana, which is where the divide comes in.

Yes, it is very easy to abuse marijuana and become addicted, and many times, it will lead to more heavy drug use and dependency. But, unfortunately, since marijuana was made illegal in the twentieth century, it became a more sought-after substance and led to incorrect usage and overall addiction among many societies and ages.

Thankfully, science has been working behind the scenes and has found many health benefits for the use of medical marijuana. Patients who are suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, PTSD, anxiety and depression, can all benefit from a medical marijuana prescription in Australia.


Quality Assurity

Using medical marijuana comes down to personal preference. If you are a purist or have difficulty using synthetic medications that present numerous side effects, you may be more interested in natural remedies, such as medical marijuana.

Although there are also side effects and ineffectiveness, every person will experience different effects at different doses. Quality goes a long way in effective treatment plans and is the defining factor for improved quality of life.

Getting a quick fix from an unlicensed provider may not have adequate cannabinoids in it to give you the relief you need. Therefore, always ensure you are sourcing your medical cannabis from a licensed practitioner with the education and experience to provide you with the correct advice and medications.

Don’t skimp on what is essential for your health.


Stay Safe

Only using medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor ensures you ingest the medications at the correct doses, preventing complications and overdose, and makes the transition to cannabis as easy and smooth as possible. In addition, the medical cannabis you are supplemented with will be of the highest quality and standard, so you are assured of the best quality through your treatment plan.

Also, consuming medical cannabis under the supervision and provision of a medical practitioner protects you from potential run-ins with the law and safeguards you from becoming addicted. Safety is a top priority for cannabinoid treatments and should be valued by the prescribing doctor and the patient alike.

Cann I Help is here for all your medical marijuana prescriptions in Australia. Contact us to book a non-obligatory consultation and enquire about our compassionate access programme.