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Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help

At Cann I Help we are passionate about putting our patients first and are dedicated to making alternative plant-based medicine accessible, affordable, and convenient.  

The groundbreaking Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help makes getting the help you need as painless and as seamless as possible. Patients can now undergo a nurse assessment, consult with a GP, and have a script issued on the same day.

Bookings for the Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help are available:

Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm (AEST).

If you need to make a regular booking outside of these hours you can access the booking form here.

Here’s how the Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help works:  

  • Prospective patients complete the Rapid Access Program form.
  • They will be contacted shortly thereafter by a member of the Cann I Help team.
  • The patient will be consulted by one of our nursing team and then consulted by one of our doctors as soon as possible.
  • The patient’s prescription will be ready within hours of them initially contacting Cann I Help.
  • Prescriptions will be dispensed by the Cann I Help Dispensary.   

Simply complete the form and discover the difference plant-based medicine can make in your life today. 

Discover Your Treatment Options with A Cannabis Treatment Clinic in Australia by Cann I Help

If you are looking for a cannabis treatment clinic in Australia, look no further than Cann I Help. Partnering with qualified and trained clinicians and doctors, we offer patients the best medical services Australia has to offer.

We want to help you discover a new lease on life that is pain-free and more enjoyable, where your illness or medical condition doesn’t tie you down or limit how you can live your life.

Get in touch with us today to start discussing whether medical marijuana is an option for you.


First, Let’s Manage Your Expectations.

Before visiting a cannabinoid clinic, it’s important to understand what to expect. After some paperwork, you will sit down with a doctor to discuss your interest in cannabinoid treatments and whether you are a suitable candidate. Use this time as an opportunity to gain as much knowledge as possible and ask the tough questions around medical marijuana.

Although your candidacy depends on various factors, such as your current health and treatment, most patients are successful and can start their new journey with a professional hand guiding them through the process.

Ultimately, you should expect to undergo a few questions, a review of your medical history and a briefing on how medical marijuana has helped patients just like you overcome the many obstacles and strains that come from a chronic condition. After that, you may very well be on your way to experiencing a new life that is not limited or constricted by your illness.


Break Free

Let’s just be frank about it – struggling with pain and discomfort sucks. The toll it has on your mental wellness alone is a major concern, without adding the effects on your physical and emotional wellbeing as well. Waking up in the morning becomes more challenging as you feel more and more drained of energy consistently fighting to break free from your condition, and sleep may elude you altogether.

All in all, it is no easy feat, living every day in desperation to gain your life back. Vitality, optimism and just a simple joy in life are hard to come by when suffering from a chronic condition, but, there is still hope when you look in the right places.

Medical marijuana has come a long way in its validity as a treatment option for people suffering with chronic pain and other illnesses, and has helped countless patients regain their vigour for life with a newfound lease on their health. There is no reason why that can’t be you!

Thankfully, Cann I Help is a cannabis treatment clinic in Australia with a certified panel of doctors and clinicians who aim to help people find relief through medical marijuana.

Cann I Help is ready to help you experience relief, so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Contact us today to book your consultation.