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Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help

At Cann I Help we are passionate about putting our patients first and are dedicated to making alternative plant-based medicine accessible, affordable, and convenient.  

The groundbreaking Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help makes getting the help you need as painless and as seamless as possible. Patients can now undergo a nurse assessment, consult with a GP, and have a script issued on the same day.

Bookings for the Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help are available:

Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm (AEST).

If you need to make a regular booking outside of these hours you can access the booking form here.

Here’s how the Rapid Access Program by Cann I Help works:  

  • Prospective patients complete the Rapid Access Program form.
  • They will be contacted shortly thereafter by a member of the Cann I Help team.
  • The patient will be consulted by one of our nursing team and then consulted by one of our doctors as soon as possible.
  • The patient’s prescription will be ready within hours of them initially contacting Cann I Help.
  • Prescriptions will be dispensed by the Cann I Help Dispensary.   

Simply complete the form and discover the difference plant-based medicine can make in your life today. 

Break Through Your Wall Of Pain And Discomfort And Visit A Cannabinoid Medical Clinic Today by Cann I Help

It can be challenging and exhausting in every regard to wake up each morning rivalled in pain and to return to bed every evening without a moment of relief. Even more challenging are the years you’ve spent on various medical trials and treatment plans that simply haven’t met your needs or expectations.

Patients who suffer from life-altering illnesses and chronic disorders have a tough time doing simple, everyday tasks that the fit and healthy often take for granted, but it’s not over for them just yet! Although you are probably accustomed to weekly doctor visits, piles of pills to swallow and being poked and prodded by needles, there is an alternative method to find relief that you may have yet to try.

Medical marijuana is breaking through the stigma of being a recreational drug and is now highly centred around medicinal use. Patients who suffer from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and sleep disorders can benefit significantly from visiting a cannabinoid medical clinic and starting a trial for medical marijuana to relieve their symptoms and discomfort.

So, if you are struggling with the conventional treatment plans patients’ with your condition are typically on, consider visiting a cannabinoid medical clinic to discuss your options with a certified and professional cannabis doctor.


All-Round Guidance and Correspondence 

Here at Cann I Help, we prioritise consistent support and guidance for our patients from the moment they walk through our doors. Many times, especially in extensive medical cases, your doctor may become less involved as you master the steps of your treatment plan, which is great in the sense that they trust you and feel confident in your ability to be responsible, but ongoing support is essential to keep patients motivated, positive and on the right track.

That is why we work closely with your general practitioner or medical doctor, so we can cover all your needs without delay. So, whether you are vising us at our clinic or having your regular check-up with your GP, your cannabis treatment will remain in full effect, and all your questions and concerns can be answered swiftly.


Make Your Journey Easier

The ultimate goal of starting a medical marijuana treatment is to make your journey to better health more tolerable. Many patients experience relief as soon as they start, and you could experience the same!

All you need to do is visit a cannabinoid medical clinic near you or give us a call to book a consultation. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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